The Miracle of Lasers
—Now Available for Your Pet!

Laser Surgery

What is laser surgery?

Traditional surgery with a scalpel or scissors can bruise or crush tissue. When we use the laser, only an intense beam of laser light touches your pet, which minimizes the pain, swelling, and bleeding often associated with surgery.

What are the advantages to laser surgery?

We are proud to provide the many advantages of laser technology to our patients. Now your pet can benefit from the same properties of laser that human patients have experienced for more than 20 years—less pain, swelling, and discomfort after surgery and the ability to resume normal activities sooner. Our practice has made this investment in order to offer you the best possible health care for your pet.

Better for your pet, easier on you.

  • Less pain and swelling promote quicker healing
  • Less bleeding simplifies surgery
  • Sanitizing effect of the laser beam reduces the risk for infection
  • Less trauma for your pet