Tim Dalpiaz, DVM

Tim Dalpiaz, DVM graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2003, here he earned his DVM Degree of Veterinary medicine. Dr. Dalpiaz then completed his clinical internship at Louisiana State Univeristy, where he was able to work alongside several accomplished board certified oncology specialists with a wide variety of medical conditions. His professional interests include: oncology, surgery and dentistry. He confides, “The best part of practicing veterinary medicine is being able to diagnose and treat patients who don’t have the ability to vocalize what may be wrong.”

Dr. Dalpiaz opened Boones Creek Animal Hospital in 2008, designing the facility with his patients in mind. Since that time our hispital has grown from only 5 employees to over 15 employees today, while being recognized as one of the premier hospitals in the Tri-cities area. Boones Creek has been featured in various journals such as, ‘The Ridges Magainze’ as well as ‘WJHL’, the local news channel.

When Dr. Dalpiaz is not busy caring for his patients, he enjoys snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, traveling, and parachuting. He lives in the Tri-cities with his two daughters, Sophia and Harper, and their sphynx cats Joe and SJ.

Whitney Lemarr, DVM

Even as a child, Dr. Whitney Lemarr always knew that she wanted to become a veterinarian. “I couldn’t stand to see animals in pain or suffering,” said Dr. Lemarr. “And I loved to help people who loved their pets. So becoming a veterinarian was the perfect choice for me.”

Dr. Lemarr grew up in rural Harlan, Kentucky and confesses that she was always bringing animals home. “My parents were pretty good natured about it,” she said. “But they had their limits.”

These days, Dr. Lemarr has had to set her own limits. “I now have four cats and two dogs—I think that’s my capacity,” she confesses. “All of my animals have come to me through my career—either abandoned or animals with quirks that no one else wanted. But I have learned that I can’t take them all home and I’ve found good homes for many other animals with needs.”

Whitney Lemarr, graduated from Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005, where she earned her DVM. After graduating Dr. Lemarr completed her clinical internship at Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Greensboro, NC. Dr. Lemarr especially enjoys internal medicine, where she has the ability to treat a broad spectrum of patients. She joined Boones Creek Animal Hospital in 2009, and has been with us ever since.

When Dr. Lemarr isn’t helping animals, she enjoys hiking, biking and reading anything that she can get her hands on. Dr Lemarr resides in the Tri-Cities with her son, several dogs, cats and a beta fish named Bruce.

She enjoys working with Dr. Dalpiaz because they share the same philosophy and ideas about veterinary medicine. “We both love to treat animals and help people,” she explains. “I’m delighted to practice at Boones Creek Animal Hospital, the staff is wonderful and our clients are happy. What more could you ask for?“

Ellen Camp, DVM

Dr. Ellen Camp received her doctorate of veterinary medicine form the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. Upon graduation from veterinary school she was awarded for her dedication and excellence in surgery, anesthesia and ophthalmology. Her main professional interests are in surgery and ophthalmology, but what she loves most about veterinary medicine is building relationships with her patients and their owner.

On her free time, Dr. Camp likes to spend time with her husband, and two schnauzers. They enjoy hiking, kayaking, golfing and anything sport related.