As pets age, it is important for owners to keep an eye of their health because their needs change. This is really common with cats who are good at hiding it when they are sick. Sometimes by the time that you realize that your cat is not feeling well, it may be too late!

Owners need to make sure that they are feeding their pets a high quality senior diet because, as pets age, their nutritional needs change. It is also important for owners to monitor how much their pets are really eating because some pets start to eat less as they age.

Here at Boones Creek Animal Hospital, we recommend regular examinations. If possible, we should see your pets more than once a year as they get older to monitor their weight and body condition. We may also be able to find a problem with your pet before you can.

We also recommend regular blood work along with a urinalysis. This will help us to evaluate certain values to catch any problems early. We want to look at the kidney and liver values and also check for early signs of diabetes, cancer, and other potential problems. If affordable, a thyroid panel should be done.

Many older pets have arthritis. We have many medications and therapies to make your pet happier and more mobile. Be sure to discuss any concerns that you may have with one of our staff or your veterinarian at your next visit.

If you have any questions about the care of your senior pet, please contact us today. One of our dedicated staff will help you answer your questions.